Marketing Strategy

What are the key components of a marketing strategy?

  • Understanding Buyer Behaviour – Who’s your customer, why do they buy your product or service?
  • Product Mix – Do you have the right mix? What new products are in the pipeline to meet changing customer needs?
  • Distribution Channels – In this global and rapidly changing economy, are you using the right distribution channels? Is it time to explore new markets or different ways to get your product to the customer?
  • Communications Plan– You need to get the word out about your company and your offering. Whether you are B2B or a Consumer Services/Products company, you want to have a Communications Plan to promote who you are, what you offer and build relationships with your customers via social media.
  • Branding – Over time, brand equity sets you apart from the others if you have successfully built customer loyalty. Does your brand reflect who you are, what sets you apart and do you live up to it?
  • Pricing – Your pricing policies must reflect the incremental value you bring to your client. Price alone is never a sustainable solution.

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